Customer Stories about Persona Jewelry

Customers are raving about Persona jewelry.
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“FINALLY! A charm bracelet brand that is focused on fashion and not about memories. Persona jewelry really lets me accessorize my outfit. Persona is so NOT my mother's charm bracelet!”
- Laura D.

“Thank you not only for your beautiful creativity and product integrity but also for the affordability -- the latter [is] gratefully appreciated by those who do not live Pandora lifestyles!”
- Hermina P.

“My husband and daughter bought me a Persona bracelet and two charms for Mothers Day this year. I love the concept and its nice to have a piece of jewelry you can customize. I look forward to expanding my collection of charms!”
- Danielle R.

“Since I bought my Persona bracelet last week, I've had at least one person every day ask me about it.”
- Kim S.

“My husband bought me a starter bracelet for my birthday and I fell in love with it. I had been looking at the Pandora bracelets and I was sad that it would take me so long to finish my bracelet. I went onto your site and couldn't believe that I would be able to buy enough charms to fill my bracelet in half the time it would have taken me to complete a Pandora one.”
- Heather R.

“I love the fact that I can buy these directly from your Persona World website and I don't have to go find an "authorized dealer." The free shipping was great and I was surprised at how fast I received my order!”
- Brenda M.

“I love it so much. My charms are personality representations of my kids. I just added one for me. I'll throw one on for my hubby shortly. I'm going to add some cute thin silver spacers soon, too. Thanks for helping me figure this all out! My hubby would not let me get a "cheap imitation." I'm glad he chose the quality of Persona.”
- Kay W.

Persona jewelry is so stunning in real life... I just saw a display at [the jewellers] and everything else in the store looked dull and boring compared to Persona.”
- Saida V.

“After seeing my Persona bracelet, my mom retired her Chamilia chain and bought a Persona one instead and now she doesn't lose her beads.”
- Michelle T-R

“I ordered a stopper bead from the website. Within a couple of hours, one of the customer service representatives emailed me to ask me if I was sure I wanted it because I hadn't purchased a bracelet. I didn't know the Persona stopper beads wouldn't fit with my Chamilia bracelet, so she saved me some money by removing it from my order before they shipped the rest of it. The customer service was excellent!”
- Kelly-Raye N.